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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Heat is On - BIM 2014

Sharing on the BIM Marathon 2014 in May...

The Heat Is On
Borneo International Marathon (BIM), is an annual event in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah was held on 4th of May 2014. It was my second full marathon with my husband.

Around 20+ fellow running friends from Kuching also participated in this event, mostly going for the full marathon while a few went for the half in preparation for the upcoming races.

Firstly, I would like congratulate our members who had completed at the BIM, strongly and a handful with their personal best achieved.Here’s my recap of event.

The Day Before The Race
On arrival in KK around 4pm, Willie and Jade picked us up as we shared a rented car which cost around RM70/day and we were glad for them as they need to drive thru unfamiliar road and endure the traffics.

We headed straight to Courtyard Hotel @ 1Borneo. It costs RM138/per night which is including breakfast. Breakfast area was nice giving an overview of the busy city center. Free breakfast buffet is ok at best. The hotel is within a 25-minute drive from city centre. The hotel also about 15km from Kota Kinabalu International Airport. There are few hotels at 1Borneo to choose based on your own preference and budget. Neighboring there is Tune Hotel, Hotel Novotel and Grand Borneo Hotel is an integral part of 1Borneo Hypermall.

Hypermall is just 2 minutes’ walk from our hotel. After dropped our stuffs, we went there to have an early dinner. On the stroll back to the hotel, we popped into the supermarket searching for banana for our breakfast but couldn’t find any; luckily Shannon Lee (President of HPRC) found some and offered some to us. For those who take banana for breakfast advise to get from town wet market.

The Morning Of
15mins ride to the Stadium. As we made way in, the Stadium was brightly lilted and soon familiar faces start popping up. After a brief grouping and some photos taken, we proceed to the starting point which outside Stadium Likas.

And we’re Off
Gun went off at 3am.

The condition on race day ended up being about 35 degrees C, warmer than anything I’d ran in during training. The course took us for a short circuit of the town, looped back to stadium and headed to the seafront Likas Bay before taking us into UMS (University Malaysia Sabah).

I got tired much quicker than expected due to the heat and the hills at 20K and 23K marks. The real first hint of fatigue set in around 25k. By this point, we were 10k into a stretch of the undulating course (1Borneo, passing near my hotel); no serious hills as such, but certainly not pancake flat. Many runners consider this one of the toughest sections and I have no reason to disagree. This was an out-and-back route. However, on the return leg, saw fellow running friends and we were cheering each other on.

My husband was suffering calf cramps by this time and had to slow down. He encouraged me to proceed on so, I ended up running about 12km of the race alone. Hitting the 38k marker was a strange feeling and nauseous. Probably is because of stomach bloated due to drink too much of water. But on the other hand I knew I only had 4k left as I was going to finish. I tried as hard as I could to pick up the pace on the last stretch. The finale mile led runners back into Likas Stadium.

I did it! A personal best for me.

Beyond the finishing line, there was a free massage. Also, the race was concluded with a much appreciated cups of cold milo (drank countless cups), eggs, sandwiches, noodles and etc.

While sitting on the bench, we cheered hard for fellow runners coming into the Stadium and you get to reflect the emotions of pain, fatigue but also joy and excitement of runners crossing the finishing line knowing I had experienced one or more of those during the process.

We ended the event with a group photograph, proudly with our Hornbill Pacesetters Running Club banner and running T.

Among some of the major complaint would be water and isotonic shortage and hope for more sponge station in the future.

Would I do it again? Immediately afterwards, my answer would have been an unqualified “NO”. But a few days after, we had signed up for Kuching Marathon 2014. :)

Reported by:- Grace Lee

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