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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Share the road and share your thoughts

In the aftermath of Kimberley and Shirleen's accidents I've been told by loved ones not to run on the road anymore. I love my friends and family, but I love my running too. Running has brought me so much joy and sanity, it's become a part of who I am. I couldn't stop running any more than I could stop walking or talking.

I was told to run in parks alone. The parks here are too small to accommodate the distances we need to cover during training. Sure, I could run 10-15 loops around a park, but every day? I would go a bit loopy myself.

All I can say is I run defensively. Deck yourself out in fluorescent colors and blinking lights, even in the day. Run on the most visible parts of the road, not necessarily against traffic if turning a wide corner.

I'm sure most runners here feel this way. I just hope that, with more and more of us running and cycling on the roads, drivers will be more aware of us and give us adequate space.

I'm grateful to drivers and motorcyclists who give me wide berth, and I'll often wave my thanks to them. Sure you may feel like a dork at first, but one more person will be encouraged to be considerate to runners.

Making myself visible, as a woman, just seems to bring on jibes and catcalls. As long as we don't collide or you don't pose a threat to me, you can shout and whistle and hoot all you want. I love this life, and I want to run it as long as I can.

- Stephanie Chan

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